Gold Filled Is Our Jam

Gold Filled Is Our Jam

Gold-filled permanent jewelry is blend of affordability and luxury. While many may be familiar with solid gold or gold-plated jewelry, but what is "Gold Filled?  

Gold-filled permanent jewelry, also known as rolled gold or gold overlay, is a material composed of a solid layer of gold bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal such as brass, copper or silver. Unlike gold-plated, which have a thin layer of gold applied through electroplating, gold-filled jewelry boasts a thicker layer of precious metal, making it more durable and resistant to wear.

The core of gold-filled permanent jewelry lies in its composition. Typically, these pieces consist of multiple layers, with the base metal forming the foundation and a substantial layer of gold fused to the surface. The gold layer must constitute at least 5% of the item's total weight, ensuring a level of quality and durability that surpasses standard gold-plated jewelry.

Why we love Gold-Filled Jewelry at Haven Permanent Jewelry:

Durability: One of the primary advantages of gold-filled jewelry is its durability. The thick layer of gold makes these pieces resistant to tarnishing, chipping, or flaking, ensuring a longer lifespan compared to gold-plated alternatives.

Affordability: Gold-filled jewelry offers an affordable alternative to solid gold pieces, allowing you to enjoy the luxurious look of gold without breaking the bank. A great option for those seeking a balance between quality and cost.

Hypoallergenic Properties: People with sensitive skin often find solace in gold-filled jewelry, as the base metal, typically brass or copper, is less likely to cause allergic reactions compared to some other metals commonly used in jewelry.

Long-Lasting Shine: The thick layer of gold in gold-filled jewelry ensures a lasting shine. With proper care and maintenance, these pieces can retain their luster for years.

We love gold-filled jewelry because it combines the luxury and timeless appeal of gold with affordability and durability, offering a perfect balance of style and practicality.

To care for gold-filled jewelry, avoid harsh chemicals, remove it before swimming or exercising, avoid sunscreen and any products with alcohol. Clean gently with a soft cloth and mild soap, and enjoy its lasting beauty for years.

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